Fabric Cutting Machine (Automatic)

Yessing Machinery's Fabric Cutting Machine has be widely used in cutting PVC/ PE/ PET/ OPP/ Paper/Non-woven materials in different industries.

◆ Intellectual Production Management
◆ 3 Cutting Dimension and Unit setting in one time
◆ Min. Cutting Width :3mm
◆ Cutting Precision:+/-0.1mm
◆ Maximum Material Diameter:φ300mm / Customized
◆ Voltage:220V / 380V / Other
Model : CH7AS

Machine Specification
【High Class】
【High Plus】
Dimension L3200xW1200xH1500mm L3200xW1200xH1600mm L3200xW1400xH1600mm
Working Width 1800mm  1800mm  1800mm 
Safety Cover x Half Cover Full Cover
PLC Screen 5 inches 5 inches 9 inched,360°Rotary type
Clipping Device Manual Automatic Automatic
Certification Standard Regulation Standard Regulation CE Marking Regulation
Data Analysis Report  x x V
Troubleshooting Remote System x x V
Operator 1 person 1 person 1 person
                                                   Feel free to contact us if you have any customized requirements!

【Standard Device】
1. PLC Human-machine interface (9/5inches) *1Set
2. Material Clipping Device *1PCS
3. Automatic Blade Sharpening Device *1PCS
4. Sprayer for Water/Release agent *1Set
5. HSS Cutting Blade Made In Germany 400mm *1PCS
6. Unwinder Lifting Device  *1Set
7. Specialized Toolbox *1Set
8. LED Tricolor Warning Light *1Set
9. Motor Device:1/4HP*1,1HP*1,2HP*1,2HP*1
10. 2 Sizes Unwinding Shaft:
  (1)φ42mm Plating Shaft * 1Set
  (2)φ75mm Aluminum Shaft+PE Plastic Tube * 1Set

Optional Device
。Chilling Machine- Blade Cooling System
。UL Regulation Design

Product:Textile Garments/ Self-adhesive Tapes/ Sports Shoes/ Gloves/ Leather/ Bags/
Stationery/ Hats/ Mask Edges/ Swimwear/ Filters...etc

Material:PVC/ PE/ PET/ OPP/ Kraft paper/copper foil/aluminum foil/paper towels/wiping paper/non-woven fabric/TC material/Tetoron cloth/foam/sponge/plastic leather/adhesive tape/reflective strip/fluorescent strip...etc

   Kindly Remind   
 According to the feature of different fabrics, the design of the machine may be different too.  
 Feel free to contact us if you have any customized requirements!