About Yessing

50 years experiences in Laminating & Slitting Field. 

Yessing Machinery based in Taiwan was founded by Mr. Chun-Ho Yeh in 1969. We are a well-known global brand of lamination machine manufacturer and slitting machine manufacturers. With over 50 years, Yessing has been working with Sports / Textile / Bedding / Medical / Military / Composite material industries from 46 countries around the world!

Profession in Lamination
n the early stage, Yessing mainly supplied lamination machines for shoe manufacturers of Nike, Puma, Adidas. Therefore, we have rich experiences in making EVA lamination machine, PVC lamination machine, Film laminating machine… and so on. According to different types of glue, we also developed the automatic PUR laminating machine, Hot Melt laminating machine and Water Based glue laminating machine with IoT WIFI technology and cost calculation system to enhance the efficiency of production.


Profession in Cutting/ Slitting
Yessing has sold more than thousands of roll cutting machine around the world! And we have also developed the Ultrasonic slitting machine, Carbon Fiber slitting machine and customized slitting machines for Tape/ Paper/ Ribbon/ Melt Blown Fabric/ PVC…and so on.
We assist in optimizing the cutting and slitting process according to the material properties and customer's requirements!

 Yessing Machinery Service Brand

Our services brand are included Giant, Nike, Adidas, BenQ, Everlight Medical... and so on.  Through cooperation, we aim to provide the most comprehensive lamination service to the world.


Valuing the "Manufacturing Industry" as a "Service Industry"

Yessing considers our employees and customers as our family. For over 50 years, we insist in the spirit of regarding the“Manufacturing Industry”as a “Service Industry". Yessing not only provides the high quality and sustainable machines, but also values the Permanent After-Sales Service as our responsibilities. And this is the reason why Yessing can gain the truth and supports of customers around the world!

In 2021, Yessing was praised by the mayor of Taichung city for winning the 20th Golden Hand Awards. The event is for rewarding the company for its innovation & research development, complete management system, social contribution and outstanding performance!

If you are looking for the best laminating machine supplier and slitting machine supplier,
don’t hesitate to contact Yessing Machinery!
Yessing Machinery, the expert in Laminating and Cutting machine.


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