Yessing F&Q

Yessing's machine has been applied in Sports / Textile / Bedding / Building/ Medical / Military / Composite material industries from 46 countries around the world !

(1) ProfessionYessing Machinery's services brands include Nike, Adidas, Giant, BenQ, Everlight Medical ... and so on. Through cooperation, we aim to provide the most effective machine to produce the best product to the world.

(2) InnovationOur R&D team provides professional consultation to customers in optimizing the lamination & cutting parameters and accordingly design a suitable process.

(3) ServicesYessing Machinery provides complete after sales services to support our customer in time and gain the trust for long term relationship.

Yes, we have our professional technician team in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and China to provide our customer instant services. 
Besides, our technician team in Taiwan can also do remote troubleshooting to solve customer's problems for after sales services!

The machine warranty is one year after the delivery. (Excluding the consumable spare parts or damage caused by human factors) 

With practicing the correct maintenance procedures, the machine can be operated for more than10 years!