Machine F&Q

1. Select appropriate glue for the material 2. Control the right lamination temperature 3. Glue thickness and lamination gap are also the keys Yessing has our professional lab to help customers optimize the suitable lamination parameter! For more information, please check R&D Service.
For a cutting machine or experimental lamination machine, it can be operated by one person. For a production laminating machine upgraded with the automatic function, the number of operators can be greatly reduced from 6~8 people to 1~2 people!
Yessing's laminating machine average speed is around 40M/Min.The production speed is about 20-30 M/Min. The actual production capability will be related to the material and the glue. If you have a special request, feel free to let us know!
Yessing's machine acceptance criteria is according to the confirmation of the machine equipment and drawing design signed in the contract. Special requests can also be discussed, such as the fastness of the lamination product or the precision error range. 

According to the glue type, the roller cleaning methods are different. For water based glue, you can clean with the clean cloth and water. For hot melt glue, you can melt the glue and wipe it up. For PUR glue, you have to clean with special lotion, such as powder or liquid!

Yessing has strong relationships with different glue brands, if you have any related questions, we will provide complete after-sales service!

The heating roller surface is affixed with Teflon. Therefore, the remaining glue can be easily wiped off every time after operation with water and clean cloth.
Yes! Yessing's machine can be upgraded with an intelligent management system and connect with the computer to output 200 data such as production, lamination temperature, gluing gap, tension parameters etc.